10 interesting facts about Iceland 4k. #4k #iceland #journey #relaxingmusic

10 interesting facts about Iceland 4k. #4k #iceland #travel #relaxingmusic

The nation with probably the most incorrect title, or 10 interesting facts about Iceland
1. Paradoxical title
The title of the island interprets as “ice country”. Ironically, the title of neighboring Greenland means “green land”. These names would change, and there can be a whole correspondence to the local weather of every island. And so it seems {that a} nation the place glaciers occupy solely 11% of the territory is named icy, and Greenland, wherein greenery grows on barely 15% of your entire territory, is named inexperienced.
2. Even local weather
The local weather of Iceland is what is named “winter and summer in the same color”. Icelanders can put on the identical garments all 12 months spherical. And all as a result of winter is heat right here (the temperature hardly ever drops beneath -5 ° C), and summer season, quite the opposite, is chilly (the utmost you may rely on is +22 ° C). But you will not really feel the warmth in any case – the wind on the island is extremely sturdy and blows all 12 months spherical. Therefore, a hat on the top is an indispensable a part of each Icelander’s clothes.
3. Only 1 / 4 of the territory is liveable
Iceland is the biggest volcanic island on this planet. Active, dormant and extinct volcanoes occupy greater than half of the territory. The whole center of the island is a abandoned and uninhabitable space. People are settled solely alongside the coast and the valleys of the mountains adjoining to the shoreline.
4. There are not any mosquitoes and bushes in Iceland
The cause for the absence of mosquitoes on the island is very simple – mosquitoes merely wouldn’t have time to finish their life cycle in situations of sharp and frequent climate modifications. Well, what will not be a paradise for a typical middle-class Russian.
And as for the bushes, there are very, only a few of them. In the center of the island, they don’t develop attributable to volcanic exercise and the precise composition of the soil. And there are not any bushes within the comparatively wealthy and fertile coastal half as a result of they had been lower down by the Vikings within the Middle Ages, in order that they nonetheless can’t develop. The Government of the nation is, in fact, making each effort to revive the forest cowl, however to this point with out success.
5. Unique nature
Nature is the principle treasure of Iceland. Everyone has heard about geysers. The most well-known of them, the Great Geysir, simply gave the title to all the new springs of the planet. The focus of volcanoes per unit of the island’s territory is spectacular. And what names do these volcanoes have! Eyjafjallajekull alone, who precipitated a stir all through Europe in 2010, is value it. The pleasure of the nation and the dream of any vacationer can be a singular geothermal lake “Blue Lagoon”, an enormous pool of scorching water in the course of a lava area, the temperature wherein is +37 ° C all 12 months spherical.
6. High life charge
Icelanders, together with the Japanese, are the principle centenarians of the planet. 83.2 years is the common life expectancy in Iceland, and this can be a very first rate consequence. Only the Japanese reside longer – 84.4 years. (*10*), the Icelanders themselves can’t clarify the rationale for his or her longevity. But scientists are inclined to 2 components which can be the identical in Japan as in Iceland. The first is the local weather attributable to the truth that it’s an island. The second is a fish–wealthy food plan.


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